Welcome to Crow Dog - a forge of classic & contemporary blistering blues
to take you on a journey far across the Atlantic and back in time by dusk!

So named after a Native American Indian Chief, whose bravery was welcomed by his
people after the retribution of a notorious evil Sioux chief in 1881.

Whilst they trace known roots on the back roads to John Mayall, Robin Trower, & Robben Ford to name only a few,
they find new ground to set up camp and cultivate well-crafted original songs with stunning guitar work,
a tight rhythm section and clean vocal harmonies.


Next gig is an "unplugged" acoustic set at Wild Zucchinis Bistro, Cockermouth on Saturday 4th Feb 2017

You can listen to Crow Dog's latest studio recording
and a sample Crow Dog "unplugged" track here

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